Every statistic is a nurse, but every nurse doesn't have to be a statistic.!

Student Nurses:

90% report bullying by instructors (Foster et al., 2004)

New Nurses:

73% report being bullied in the last month. (Berry et al., 2012)

58% were the direct target of a work place bully. (Berry et al., 2012)

Experienced Nurses:

44% report bullying by a nurse peer in the last year. (Vessey, 2007)

Place (site):

23% Med-surg; 18% Critical Care; 12% Emergency Dept.; 9% Operating Room (Vessey, 2009)

Human Costs:

35% of nurses leave their jobs (Stringer, 2001)

70% of nurses state abuse from a physician caused errors or reduced productivity (Stringer, 2001)



"Bullying, incivility, and other forms of disrespectful behavior are rampant in healthcare, allowed to exist while we tolerate the behavior, remain silent, or make excuses—“That’s just the way he is”—in an attempt to minimize the profound and far-reaching devastation that disrespectful behavior causes". 

Dr. Lucian Leape (2012 exert from creating cultures of respect).